Measuring & Dog Tag Policy

To ensure your full satisfaction please read and follow the Measuring Instructions under the INFORMATION tab located on the lower left side of the site. ParacordsEast is not responsible for any bracelets that may have been measured by guessing, trying on someone else's or any method other than our own. For complete accuracy, please check and re-check your wrist size before ordering.

Dog Tags are embossed by the information you provide.  Each of the 5 lines on the Embossed Tag will hold a max of 15 characters including spaces.  The Medical Dog Tag will hold a max of 15 characters on lines 1 & 2 and a max of 10 characters on lines 3, 4, & 5 including spaces.  Please verify that you do not submit more than the max characters allowed.  If more characters are submitted than allowed, your order will not be processed until corrected by you.  Please double check the spelling before ordering. ParacordsEast is not responsible for misspelled words.