About Us

ParacordsEast is owned and operated by the wife of a 3rd generation Law Enforcement Officer. We support the men and women that risk their lives for our safety and our freedom. 

We use military-grade 550 paracord to create stylish and functional paracord gear. All products are hand-made by us. We strive to provide the best quality product to you, the customer.

So, what is a paracord?

Parachute cord, paracord (as it is commonly referred to) or 550 cord are all names to describe a lightweight nylon kern mantle rope originally used as suspension lines of U.S. parachutes. The 550 cord consists of a 32 strand woven nylon outer sheath with an inner core of seven, 2 ply nylon yarns. Because of the high number of woven strands, the exterior sheath has a relatively smooth feel. Paracord has a diameter of roughly 1/8th of an inch. Our bracelets are made with between 6’ and 20' of 550 Paracord.

We do NOT share any information that you provide to us.  All information is kept completely confidential.  We use PayPal as a credit card processing service, please see their site, www.paypal.com, and review their privacy policy regarding any information you provide to them.  No credit card information is obtained by ParacordsEast.