Necklaces are made with  a standard 19" of Diamond Weave Braid with up to 2 colors.




Reflective,Black      Reflective, Red              Aloha                     Black               Blue,Carolina



   Blue, Colonial        Blue, Electric        Blue, Midnight            Blue, Navy                Blue, Royal



Brown,Chocolate    Brown, Coyote        Camo, ACU            Camo, Blue          Camo, Desert



    Camo, Kelly             Camo, Multi           Camo, Pink            Camo, Purple      Camo,Woodland



      Dayglow          Foilage, Desert               Gecko                Gold, Rustic            Goldenrod



      Grapevine             Green, Foilage         Green, Hunter          Green, Kelly            Green, Lime



  Green, Neon          Green, OD            Green, Teal            Grey, Light             Grey, Silver



     Harmony                   Khaki                   Light Stripes                Maroon                   Moonray



 Orange, Blaze       Orange,Neon      Orange, Solar         Pink, Rose             Pink, Neon



        Purple              Red, Imperial       Red,White&Blue        Rosa Noche           Survival Camo



           Tan                  Treestand              Turquoise             Waddamelon               White



   Yellow, Bright 


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